Snatcher ACT 3

In 1988 Konami released Snatcher for the MSX 2. Finishing this game will leave you with lots of questions. Where do the snatchers come from and who is their leader? Where does Random come from and what is its link with the snatchers? What relationship do Jamie and Gillian have to each other? All these questions are answered in ACT 3 of Snatcher, however the MSX 2 version does not have this ACT 3. UNTIL NOW!!


Delta Soft has taken the Sega CD version as a basis, to make an MSX 2 version of it.
Supported by SCC music and sound effects, Snatcher ACT 3 is finally playable on MSX 2.


Make the right choices to further unravel the mystery behind the snatchers.

Use the cursor keys or the numeric pad to fight the insectos and snatchers.

Snatcher ACT 3 is available in 3 versions:
- Digital version (zipfiles with 5 .dsk files)
- 5 diskette version
- Compact Flash version

Watch the Snatcher Act 3 preview video


After the release of Snatcher Act 3 in Februar, several users came with suggestions and typos. So we decided to make a patch for the game. In this patch version 1.1 you will find:

- Pressing the '.' button in menus will return to main menu. This is menitoned in the manual of the original Snatcher aswell.

- Several textual mistakes are corrected

- The password length is limited, so it won't go 'outof' the screen

- The scc driver has been updated so it recognizes external memory mappers (to run on machines with less than 128 Kram, with memory extension like the Panasonic FS-A1XSW)

- With the Carnivore2 it seems in order to get scc music, you should insert the SCC in slot 1 and the carnivore2 in slot 2.

When no SCC is found, all scc routines will be ignored and songs won't be loaded.

Therefor the mainmenu hides the 'Replayer' option for obvious reasons.

In the lower right corner the version number is displayed, so you can always check if or what patch is applied (should there be more in the future).

Since we only needed act 3 of the Sega, we totally forgot that it is possible in snatcher to play with your own name, instead of Gillian. So the option to register your desired name is added.

As several users pointed out, we forgot a very important scene, which took place at the end of Act 2 (not present in the MSX2 version). So we have added the videocall Jamie makes with Gillian after being captured.

Not a mayor thingie, but for some reason the 'logo' of ACT 3 wasn't a sharp picture, so we fixed it.

References to the videocall where already present in the game, just not an image to support it. So that one is added too.

The Sega added the phenomenon that Snow-9 makes you sneeze when in contact. This was never mentioned in the MSX2 version, so for continuity reasons, we have added some extra lines of text when Napoleon does a small appereance.

Download the patch below and follow the instructions. This patch is suitable for both the floppy and the Compact Flash version.

Download Snatcher Act 3 Patch v 1.1

Important: If you only have 1 disk drive, patching through the patch disk can be very tedious, because you have to constantly switch disks for every file. Here you can download the instruction to do this manually. Download Manual instructions here